Our Adult Outpatient Clinic is located inside Wascana Rehabilitation Centre. Click here for a map and the address. 

If you are arriving for an outpaitient appointment, please check in at REGISTRATION prior to proceeding to the clinic area. 


Physiatrists are doctors trained in diseases of the nervous system, bones, joints, and muscles. We focus on non-surgical treatment of problems affecting these areas. This may include stretching and strengthening, injections, or bracing. 

Some of the problems we can help with include: 

          - Difficulty walking

          - Numbness, tingling, pain, weakness

          - Muscle, joint, neck and back pain

          - Chronic pain and myofascial pain

          - Spasticity (muscle tightness after a stroke, brain injury, or spinal cord injury)

          - Amputations

          - Headaches

          - Dystonia (abnormal movement and posturing)

          - Arthritis

          - Concussion and Post-Concussion symptoms

          - Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

          - Rehabilitation of Stroke, Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, Trauma and their complications

          - Neurodegenerative diseases including Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, Parkinson's Disease, and Polio

          - Pediatric rehabilitation including Cerebral Palsy and Muscular Dystrophy

 Physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists


A Family Physician or Specialist must submit a referral request in order for us to see you. Ask your doctor to do this on your behalf if you would like to see a Physiatrist.

We use a pooled referral system and you will be booked into the first available appointment, depending on your clinical concerns. You may be contacted by our clinic nurses for screening questions prior to your appointment.  

You will be sent a confirmation notice as well as a medical history questionnaire to complete once your appointment is booked. Please complete this questionnaire before arriving at Wascana for your appointment. 



At Wascana Physiatry, our goal is to provide a team based, patient centred experience in a multidisciplinary environment.

Our focus is on restoring functional independence and supporting individuals in their communities to improve their quality of life.

We recognize the importance of medical education, and are actively involved in training the next generation of physicians.